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Apostle Demond L. Tolliver does not begin his story regarding his calling with the testimony of being “born and raised” in the church, but rather starts his journey by confessing that is under the leadership of Archbishop John L. Lawson, Jr. that exited notoriety of being drug dealer in Longview, Texas to becoming a born again believer. As a young man becoming thoroughly convinced of the power of Jesus Christ, he became a faithful witness on fire and on the move for Christ, preaching
the message “Salvation is free, and the gift of God is eternal life!” It is through that message that the Lord began to use him mightily in the prison ministry to reach those who were bound, and restore the broken under the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Evangelism was in his blood and without hesitation, Demond Tolliver set out to do the work of an Evangelist.

Apostle Demond L. Tolliver has reached countless individuals with his “tell it like it is” approach to ministry. There is no such thing as sugar coating when it comes to this Man of God. His main goal is to reach souls for the Kingdom of God. He has not souled out the message of Jesus Christ for ministry. His love and
compassion is felt by many. Touching many individuals heart with compassion, he wants to see God’s people succeed naturally and spiritually. Being the Founder and Overseer of Bondage Breaking Ministries, Apostle Demond L. Tolliver has a burden for souls and a shepherd’s heart with many miracles,
signs, wonders, healings and the dead risen taken place in the ministry in every church service. In 2010, the Prophet, Evangelist, and Pastor Demond L. Tolliver became a published author when he wrote and published “Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties.” Since its publication, the book has sold over 10,000 copies all over the world as it continues to touch the lives of people in dealing with toxic and ungodly relationship. He also published his biography in 2016,”From Transparency to Transformation” about his life as a pastor of a church and recently published last year in 2019 his third bestseller, “Stop Contemplating: Overcoming the Fear of Marriage” which discusses his experiences with marriage and commitment. 

As he expanded his ministry, Apostle Demond L Tolliver established the Apostolic Council Fellowship that provides accountability to leaders, support, and empowerment to build up the Body of Christ.Many churches have come under the umbrella of the ACI to teach and train leaders in the Five-Fold Ministry and to
birth emerging apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelists and teachers. He also opened the International Apostolic Training Center that continues to grow in numbers as people come from far and near to hear the teachings of the Apostolic and Prophetic and how to function in their right calling in the 5-Fold Gifting's Ministry.

 Apostle Tolliver is highly sought out to affirm/confirm as well as other leaders globally. Many doors for international travels began to open as his ministry expanded and enlarged in which he traveled to Jamaica, London and Bahamas. He has preached at City of Refuge with his mentor Bishop Noel Jones and many other major platform such as UANetwork, Impact Network, Cross TV Network, Living
Witness TV, Eternal Tv and the Word Network.

DLT Ministries is five-fold ministry which are the Apostle, the Prophet, the Pastor, the Evangelist, and the Teacher. Yes, he works in all these gifts and is not ashamed of it. His vision is vast and plans to reach the world with the gospel, to help
individuals in need, care for the downtrodden, and help the people of God reach their full potential in God. If you would like to book Apostle Demond Tolliver for a preaching engagement,
please contact Secretary, Elise Shedd at 713-409-0859 or Tony Music 214-477- 4128 or email at bondagebreaking@yahoo.com

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